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Linseed oil is a type of drying oil that is commonly used in painting as a medium to mix with oil paints. Here are some of the most common uses of linseed oil in painting:
1. Diluting Paint: Linseed oil can be used to thin oil paints, making them more fluid and easier to work with. This can be particularly useful for creating washes and glazes.
2. Improving Flow: Linseed oil can improve the flow of oil paint, making it easier to blend and creating a smoother, more even finish.
3. Increasing Gloss: Linseed oil can add a glossy sheen to oil paint, which can be particularly effective for highlighting certain areas of a painting or creating a more polished finish.
4. Speeding up Drying Time: Linseed oil can help oil paint dry more quickly, making it possible to work in layers and complete a painting in a shorter amount of time.
5. Extending the Life of Paint: Linseed oil can help prevent oil paint from becoming brittle and cracking over time, thereby extending the life of the paint.

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60 ml, 100 ml, 500 ml