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Water Supplier Agreement

Water Supplier Agreement: What You Need to Know

A water supplier agreement is a contract between a supplier and a buyer that outlines the terms of a water supply arrangement. It is an essential document for any business that requires a reliable water supply for its operations. This document is particularly important for businesses that require a significant amount of water, such as those in the manufacturing and agriculture industries.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when drafting and reviewing a water supplier agreement:

1. Scope of Services

The agreement should specify the types of water services that the supplier will provide. This might include the delivery of a certain amount of water per day or week, the type of water that will be delivered (e.g. potable or non-potable), and any associated services, such as meter reading or water quality testing.

2. Quality of Water

The quality of water supplied is of utmost importance. The supplier should provide water which meets the quality standards set by the relevant authorities. The agreement should include a clause that outlines the quality standards to be met and the consequences of any failure to meet those standards.

3. Delivery Schedule

The agreement should include a delivery schedule that specifies when water will be delivered and how much will be delivered. This ensures that the buyer has a reliable and consistent supply of water for their operations.

4. Payment Terms

The agreement should also specify the payment terms, including the price per unit of water and the payment schedule. Any penalties for late payment or non-payment should also be clearly stated.

5. Liability

The agreement should address liability in case of any damages or issues that arise as a result of the water supply. This should include indemnification clauses to protect both the buyer and the supplier.

6. Termination

A water supplier agreement should provide for termination of the contract in case of breach of any of the terms and conditions. This ensures that either party can end the arrangement if necessary.

In conclusion, a water supplier agreement is a crucial document for businesses that require a reliable supply of water. A well-drafted agreement provides clear terms and conditions, ensuring a consistent supply of water that meets quality standards, while protecting both parties from potential liability. By carefully reviewing and understanding the terms of a water supplier agreement, businesses can ensure that they have a reliable and sustainable water supply for their operations.